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Trannyshack Academy 2014!

Trannyshack Academy 2014!


Madame JoJo’s Trannyshack Academy Casting Application

Your Application to become the next ‘Queen Of The Scene’

Madame JoJo’s Trannyshack Academy is a London Clubland drag competition searching for the new ‘Queen of the Scene’.

Hosted by The Very Miss Dusty O, as mentor, source of inspiration and M.C of the competition process. This unique show/competition had its first run in 2012 where it created a YouTube following and a packed capacity club for its eviction night’s. A second competition was run in 2013 and over the two series various drag performers such as ‘Meth Any, Silver Summers, Rosie Beaver and Vanity Von Glow have helped to create their own careers following participation of the Academy.

In the year 2014, Madame JoJo’s is proud to present the 3rd year of ‘The Trannyshack Academy’ hosted by Miss Dusty O in collaboration with TV Production and casting company THE CONNECTED SET, who are filming the London drag scene for an exciting 8 part, PRIME TIME TV SHOW for the new London-wide TV channel “London Live”, launching in early 2014.

The series will showcase some of London’s most spectacular drag queens, from those with years of experience, to those treading the boards for the first time. The tone of the series is celebratory, warm and revealing, as we experience London through the eyes of our wonderful cast of drag queens and their friends. In both drag and without makeup, the show is looking in on the lives of these extraordinary Londoners under the bright lights of some of London’s best drag venues, and away from the stage.

The Academy will be a prominent feature of the TV Show, and will follow the journey from entry into the competition to the final winner. If you are an established or a new act we invite you to join the Competition and show the world what you have to offer. This will be a unique and one off opportunity, for millions of people to see you strut your stuff.

We welcome all comers to audition for us. Looks and ability are irrelevant, as we will mentor and teach you what it takes to succeed on the London drag scene. Top names in the industry will be appearing and mentoring alongside Dusty O.

We are now casting contestants to participate in the competition.
Please fill in the on line application form and show us what you are made of!


Announcing the 'Miss Dusty O Doll'

Announcing the 'Miss Dusty O Doll'

This Luxury limited edition Miss Dusty O Doll is approximately 12″ tall and weighs approximately 4.40 pounds (2 Kilograms).She is made entirely by hand using high quality resin plaster. All her features are hand painted. She has flocked hair and rooted eyelashes. She wears an sculpted outfit including rhinestones, sequins and glitter. Miss Dusty O doll is also wearing a Vivienne Westwood ring, a rhinestone necklace, earrings and bracelet. A feather boa completes her outfit, feather and fabric roses adorn her hair. Make up has been applied and painted by hand using acrylic paints and the paint has been sealed for protection. The Miss Dusty O doll is a limited edition of a series of 15. You will receive a certificate with the serial number signed by Gozra Lozano and Miss Dusty O. Miss Dusty O doll hair comes in 3 colours: turquoise, pink or purple. Her make up will match her hair colour and it can vary from doll to doll. If not specified by you, turquoise wil be the colour supplied.


Saturday 29th June is PRIDE and to celebrate we launch our own very special PRIDE edition of TRANNYSHACK at the infamous drag venue THE BLACK CAP followed by a party on every last Saturday of the month.

With a stellar line up including TASTY TIM, LADY LLOYD, SILVER SUMMERS, EVE WIRE and hosted by THE VERY MISS DUSTY O, the night will bring you all the crazy and fab stuff from our 9 year Wednesday club night direct to the spiritual home of north london drag entertainment – THE BLACK CAP. Expect POP music and shows from the creme de la creme of the drag and tranny brigade. Special guests and drinks offers galore.

Enjoy the club area or chill on the gorgeous roof terrace.

It’s just £4 before midnight or £5 after so it will not even break the bank! TRANNYSHACK is for EVERYONE. No dress codes apply. Be yourself and be FREE.


Dusty O has been invited to speak as part of a Round Table discussion about Representation in Art, Hierarchy of Power and has art affected change as part of Late at Tate on Friday 7 June: 18.00 – 22.00. The overarching theme of the evening is Chronology in response to the unveiling of a complete chronological re-hang of the collection including artworks from 1540 to the present day titled Walk Through British Art. Further information can be found online here.

The Round Table discussion will be chaired by Paul Goodwin and 4 invited speakers will each fill a 30 minute slot on the round table, starting off the first 15 minutes by sharing their own practice and explaining their reasoning for selecting a chosen artwork from the re-hang in response to the discussion theme. This would be followed by 15 minutes of discussion with the public audience also sat at the table. A member of Tate Collective for young people 15-25 years, will also sit on the table acting in the role of a mediator.

RVT Winter Season

QX Magazine and Royal Vauxhall Tavern will be teaming up once again to host their second, much-anticipated Drag Roast next month. Dusty O will be the next diva to take the spotlight for a right royal roasting, with all proceeds coming to HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust.

The Drag Roast, which will take place at the RVT on Wednesday 27th February, will see Dusty O roasted by a panel of some of the funniest names on the London circuit. The flamboyant roasters will each take a turn at sharing their own tall tales and personal recollections of the drag legend, before Dusty has a chance to snatch back the mic and seek sweet revenge.

Dusty O has hosted, DJed and performed at many of London’s finest clubs. He has just completed a run as the headliner for the Leicester Square Theatre’s pantomime, and also hosts the infamous TrannyShack at Madame Jojo’s every Wednesday. As drag stars go, they don’t get much more high profile than Dusty O.

The Drag Roast will take place on Wednesday 27th February at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY). Doors open at 7.00pm, and the performance starts at 8.30pm. Tickets cost £10 each, all of which will be donated to Terrence Higgins Trust. For further information, and to buy your ticket, please visit

By Paul Burston

Posted: Wed Nov 21 2012

Drag diva and star of ‘Dick!’gives us her tips for gay adult panto

Panto has always been a bit queer. Men in dresses. Principle boys played by girls. No end of sexual innuendo. This year, London boasts a number of overtly gay, adult-oriented pantos – and none bigger than ‘Dick!’, which stars drag DJ and club hostess Dusty O in her West End stage debut. Here she advises us on how to put on an audience-pleasing adult gay panto.

Make them laugh!
‘Good jokes are essential. But avoid old-fashioned, mean-spirited material. Jokes should be grown-up but inclusive. Naughty but nice is the way forward. Our jokes are hot and spicy, but won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.’

Razzle dazzle ‘em!
‘Give them some glitter. The costume department for “Dick!” have helped me develop some of my trademark looks. Think high-couture Westwood meets showtime sparkle. Even if you don’t enjoy my gags, you’ll adore my rags!’

Sex it up
‘No gay adult panto would be complete without a bit of sexual innuendo. In the past I’ve been fired from my own club nights for being too blue. I’m glad to say that with “Dick!” I’ve been given free rein. You have been warned!’

Songs sung blue
‘We have some fabulous musical numbers for your delectation, but don’t come expecting “Mistletoe and Wine”. Our songs are fast, fun, blue and will put a smile on your face and quite possibly a lump in your trousers!’

Season with salt
‘Sachets of salt should be handed out during the interval. I’ve always encouraged everyone to take me with a pinch of the salty stuff. There’s a lot of audience interaction in “Dick!” and I’m coming out there to get you! If you’re particularly handsome I may even sit on your lap. We’ll provide the salt. Indulge in it liberally and don’t believe a single word I say.’

‘Dick!’ is at the Leicester Square Theatre from Thur Nov 29 to Sun Jan 20.


Stage Review: Dick (Leicester Square Theatre, London)

Stage Overview
Director: Stuart Saint

This is a great adult panto to see with friends that will have you roaring in your seats.

The audience gets picked on a lot, so try to avoid the first few rows….

Bottom Line:
5.0 / 5 – Excellent

Reviewed by: Scott McMullon

When you hear the words ‘adult panto’ it conjures up all kinds of images. Much like a movie given an ’18′ certificate, anything could happen when the kids are not in the room. In this respect, Dick manages to be charming and unique by giving the audience a dose of crude humour enveloped in children’s wrapping paper, and kept us thoroughly amused all evening.

The story is as wild and unusual as you would expect of any pantomime, with a quest for the family jewels, not to mention the key to one of our leading lady’s chastity belt, propelling us along. This is how we meet the lovely young Rae Brogan, who portrays young heiress Alice, a ditsy yet innocent chav-like girl in a Dorothy Gale costume, along with her acerbic relative Sofonda Cox, played by the show-stopping Miss Dusty O.

As the show progresses, a wider range of hilarious characters are introduced, including a thespian cat, a wicked witch and fairy called Bell End, and the eponymous Dick, who was played by the hilarious Gary Albert Hughes. There is not a particular cohesive story; the show essentially relies on the strong brand of humour to maintain the momentum, meaning that a credible plot is not missed very much.

The point of the show is to make the audience laugh, which it manages to do constantly. It is true that it takes a while to warm up, but once the actors get into their stride, you will be laughing until you cry. Dusty O herself is a revelation and manages to give her role an amazing comic twist, proving herself able to raise laugh with just one look or a single well-timed gesture.

The humour on offer here is all very much in the vein of panto humour mixed with crude puns and cheap laughs. In this way, it manages to resemble a very well made Carry On film. That being said, there are several occasions where the cast break the fourth wall and involve the audience with their on-stage antics. They aren’t trying to take themselves too seriously and, by trying to make it as fun as they can, you can’t help but be carried along by their hilarious capers. Special mention needs to go out to Lucyelle Cliffe, who brought the part of villain Queen Runt to life. Her every expression was priceless and, even on the rare occasion where she broke down in giggles, just made everything feel like so much fun. Considering half of what was happening on stage, we were surprised she didn’t crease up sooner.

One thing to watch out for would be the moments of audience participation, which comes in various forms and will leave you chuckling away on more than one occasion. Without giving too much away, beware the first rows if you want to purely be a spectator. However, if you are brave enough to embrace the spirit of the show, take a seat in prime position and be ready to take part in some of the funniest things you will see on stage this Christmas season.

This is certainly not a show for the faint hearted, or those who are easily shocked. However, this is a show that will have you laughing until it hurts on more than one occasion, and will certainly be a joyful night out for you and your friends. This is a show we cannot recommend highly enough, and we guarantee it will be an unforgettable night of laughter for you.

Dick will be playing at the Leicester Square Theatre until 20 January 2012, and tickets are available from their website.

London’s No1 Adult Panto is back – Oh yes it is!  

London’s No1 Adult Panto is back at Leicester Square Theatre – and this Christmas season it is Dick!, starring the legendary international DJ and celebrated nightclub diva, Miss Dusty O making her West End stage debut.

Dick! plays a eight-week season from Thursday 29 November to Sunday 20 January.

Join our hero Dick! and his wallflower cat, ‘Dave’, on their adventures into London town, seeking fame, fortune and friends with benefits. Along the way meet the heiress to the ‘Fitz-Nicely’ fortune, ‘Alice’, with her long lost and debauched relative, ‘Sofonda Cox’, a faded showgirl with a dark, disgusting and delicious secret. Dick! and his new found friends dare to do battle against the evil-licious and diva-tastic ‘Queen Runt’, as they set sail upon the Leaky Vessel, journeying up the Streaky Crack on a quest to find the family jewels. Will ‘Dave’ always be alone? Will ‘Alice’ ever get Dick!? and what does the legend of the ‘Bell-End’ actually mean? All will be uncensored by the new, Lord Mayor of London, as we finally find out if city hall can be run by a Dick!’


Tickets: £18.50
Box office: 08448 733433

Photo credit: Hazel Gardner